Spirit Animal

A project by Antonia Hrastar
& Shila Behjat

Finding power through the
beast within you

We love them, we loathe them, we are fascinitaed by and in ore of them. Humans have always needed animals to define more of what they are. Sometimes there is a clear line of what’s brutish and what’s worth being called a human trait.

But many times those lines get blurry. We see manifestations of adaptation and symbiosis that humans adhere to but have not attained yet. We benchmark ourselves against animals and loose out. It’s only when we realise that every aspect of the universe is within us – as are animals.
This book project is an invitation to explore your own animal and its powers. The choice is yours and purely intentional:
which animal comes to your mind? Is it what you want to be seen as or what you feel like being?