About AH

Strength, determination, creativity
Every unconventional thinker follows their own mission. For me this means seeking out the right talents, bouncing off ideas, conveying aesthetics and pushing the frontiers. Traditional boundaries are a thing of the past.

I am a creative art buyer, photographer, stylist, production manager for photo and video.
My work as photographer combines digital art with analog craft. I am pretty good at building, sticking, sewing, cooking..just if you ask me for knitting, I recommend ‚Stock Images‘?

With seven years of experience in the editorial and agency sector (Volkskrant Magazine, De Volkskrant, ARTE Magazin, Axel Springer Corporate Solutions), I am firm in the assignments and the daily frenzy that prevails in our creative cosmos. And I really love it!

The different occupations have given me insight into both sides of the coin, as an art buyer I have a greater understanding of the pain and dedication artists and crew endure in order to deliver to brief.

Let’s bounce to more active imagination.
And off you go with your office AH 

info@antoniahrastar.com + 49 17620940342